Friday, October 15, 2010

{4th} Anniversary

Tarren and I had our 4th anniversary yesterday and the day came and went without much ado.  We did exchange cards.  Don't worry.  We are going to dinner tonight though.  Thanks to Liesel's Aunt Meggie and Uncle Tyler.  Tarren and I are excited about our date.

We can't believe how fast these 4 years have flown by; especially the last due to our sweet baby girl.  It has been a great year!  I have an amazing, God-loving, faithful husband.  He is such a good leader for our family and a terrific daddy.  I couldn't have picked anyone better.  Good thing God was in charge of that anyway.  I guess He knew what kind of spouse I needed. ;)


Stacey said...

Happy Anniversary! Have fun on your date. And BTW, you've been equally good for Tarren. God definately knew what he was doing. ;o)

MeganLauren said...

So happy that my big sister has such a wonderful husband and baby daughter! You and Tarren couldn't be more perfect for each other and I love your little family!