Saturday, October 23, 2010

{11} Months

11 Months

Liesel, you turned 11 months last week.  As usual I am way behind.
-You finally decided you would let us feed you baby food this last month.  You are eating a lot of other finger foods now but occasionally I still feed you some baby food.  You were only 4 or 5 months behind all the other babies your age!
-You love your protein.  You will eat any piece of meat or cheese we set in front of you.
-You LOVE drinking water out of your sippy cup.  You would walk around with that cup all day if you could.
-You are standing by yourself and taking a few steps.  Some days you walk more than others.  Sometimes you will walk with me holding your hand but usually drop to the ground to crawl.  You still crawl for the most part because that is much faster for you.
-You are talking a lot more the past two weeks or so.  You don't say anything we can understand but still you have a lot to say.  Sometimes you just crawl around talking about stuff.  It's pretty cute.
-You do say Ma Ma and Da Da and you know what those mean.  You can say Bye Bye and that is still about it.  Sometimes you try to say Amen after a prayer.
-You love to play hide and seek with us.  You either hide behind furniture and pop up or cover yourself up with your blankie.
-You do love your blankie.  I wondered if you would ever become attached to something since you didn't take a pacifier.  It is a blanket that your Aunt Randi gave you and you can't go to sleep without it. 
-You are very social and love other people and babies.  Sometimes you love them a little too much when you try to steal the other babies' pacifiers, cups or Cheerios.

We love you baby girl and try to cherish each magic moment we have with you as you change before our very eyes.  Your Mommy

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