Friday, May 20, 2011

{18} Month Pictures

So, last week we had Lesley Proctor take some pictures of Liesel.  They turned out so great!  I think she is just so beautiful but I am her Mama and that's my job.  Here is a sampling for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go Thunder!

No matter what happens to the Thunder in these next few games we will still support them.  Here we are in our Thunder gear yesterday.  Liesel was the cutest of the three of us of course.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{18} Months

**Update- We went to your 18 month check up and you are sure growing.  You haven't gained much weight since your last check up.  You still weigh 25 lbs but you are now 34 inches tall (95th percentile)!  
I can't believe you have been around for a year and a half, L!  You have grown more that I imagined you would in this time.  It seems like you have only been with us for a few months, not 18!  You think you are so big but you are still so small to me.

You are saying so many words I can't even count any more.  You love to just say all the things you know.  You are getting into everything.  You can reach the kitchen counter tops and most other things now.  You are climbing on all chairs/couches you encounter just because you can.  I let you climb on most things but the rule is that you must sit on your bottom.  We are having some battles over that.  You love to get into the computer armoire which is also a definite no-no but there is just something about touching the keyboard and mouse. 

You are getting more affectionate with us and we love to get a Liesel hug and kiss whenever we can.  You love to play chase and for us to hide and jump out and scare you.  It is so fun listening to you scream and giggle.  I love it so!  You are fast too and only getting faster.  You are beginning to try to take the steps without sitting down or holding on to anything on your way up or down.  You are quite the daredevil.

Playing outside is one of your favorite activities.  You don't have to be entertained.  You just like to walk around and look at stuff and add to your rock collection from the backyard.  You are amassing quite a collection which you like to bring inside and carry around with you.  You always like to carry around something small in your hand.  I guess it is a comfort thing.  You have to have your blankie or "Na-Na" as you call it and your sheep "Ba Ba" to sleep.  You are such a great sleeper at night time and naps.

You are such a delight and I love being your Mama!