Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liesel's First Camping Trip

So, I know this is a few weeks late but we went camping over Memorial Day weekend.  It was Liesel's first experience spending that much time in the great outdoors and she handled it very well.  She really likes being outside though.  She likes to lay underneath the shade of the pecan tree in our backyard and just stare up into the leaves and branches as they sway in the wind.  Whenever we do that it makes me want to go to sleep.  Maybe she will learn that soon and we can both take a nap.  Anyway, back to camping.  Like I said, Liesel handled it well despite the noisy college age people there who talked until 4am.  Next time we go camping we won't camp on a river on a holiday weekend.  We did have fun though with Tarren's sister's family.  We will definitely go again soon.  Well, maybe in the fall when it is a bit cooler.  Here are some pictures of our adventure.  As you can see, it was pretty tame but we did sleep in tents at least.  Liesel's favorite part was rolling around on the air mattress. 

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