Saturday, May 15, 2010

{6} Months Old

Liesel, this past week you turned 6 months old.  It was your first half birthday.  Mommy likes to celebrate these too.

-At your 6 month check up you weighed 19.5 lbs and are 28.5 in long.  You are in the 99.7th percentile for your length.  You are tall, baby girl!
-You are sitting up and a little wobbly but improving everyday.
-You have two teeth now on the bottom and I think you are working on some more but I can't see them yet.
-You got your first highchair and you aren't quite sure what to think of it.
-I gave you some mashed up bananas this week and you don't know what to think of those either.  Maybe we will wait a few days and try again.
-You get up on your hands and knees and rock but no crawling yet.  You only scoot backwards so far.  You get up on your feet with your bottom in the air.  It looks like you are doing the Downward Dog yoga pose.  Goofy girl!
-We have been cloth diapering you for a month now and it is going pretty well.  Just a few more loads of diapers a week!  I only wish I had started this sooner.

Keep growing, my Liesel!


MeganLauren said...

She is getting so big and growing up so fast! So cute!

Matt and Shannon said...

it was good to see you last night, i hope you have a wonderful week and i think i will email a party date suggestion later this week :)

Richard Vaughn said...

She is growing up fast. Don't wish for too fast it goes by so quickly. Beautiful girl.

OK Chick said...

Pretty soon she'll be bigger than the chair. Cute pictures.