Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{5} Months Old (and 1 week)

Okay so I am always behind on these.  Liesel was 5 months old last Monday.  I know none of these are unique to Liesel as a baby but they are to our family.

-She is pushing up on her hands and feet into a full push-up with her bottom in the air.  It is pretty funny except when she pushes over forward, her arms collapse and she face plants.  It only takes a couple of these to make her cry. :(
-She loves it when we make kissy noises at her.  It always makes her smile except when she is really, really tired.
-She likes to practice sitting up but always falls to one side or leans over forward to get her feet.
-She still likes to suck her toes in the bathtub.  I think she really likes that she can suck the water off of them in there.
-She makes new noises on an almost daily basis; discovering what her little mouth can do.
-She has started to lunge and reach for just about anything we are holding; especially cups, food and the TV remote. 
-You can't keep socks or shoes on her anymore.  Good thing it is warm weather time.
-She is sleeping lots better at night with maybe only one wake-up.  Naps are also improving.
-Her reflux is still a little bit of a problem but definitely getting better.  She is still taking medicine for it.
-"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" is her favorite song and it almost always calms her down when she is sleepy cranky.

What an adventure!

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MeganLauren said...

Love that little baby!!! I miss her! Expect me to be there a lot more as soon as I'm done with this terrible semester at school!