Monday, March 15, 2010

{4} Months Old

I don't really have an update like last time I posted like this because 3.5 months wasn't that long ago.  Liesel, you are growing and growing.

-At your 4 month check-up you weighed 17.6 lbs (99th percentile) and were 26.25 in long (98th percentile).  You are a big 4 month old!
-You have rolled over from you tummy to your back once each way.  You are still working on this and it is not a regular occurrence.
-You have started squealing as loudly and high pitched as you can after which you cough because you have strained your voice so much.  Silly girl!
-This week you have been very interested in your feet and tonight in the bath you put your left big toe in your mouth and sucked on it.  What an accomplishment!
-You are starting to make motorboat noises with your mouth and blow spit bubbles.
-At dinner time you sit in your bouncer and talk to mommy and daddy as we eat.  You are the best entertainment I know!
-You have lost your hair in a ring around your head.  It looks like you must wear a sun visor all the time.  It is beginning to grow back but you have a ways to go.  I still think you are beautiful!
-When we sit in the rocking chair with you you start to cry because you think we are going to put you to sleep.  For now you like to be swaddled to nap most of the time and bounced to sleep in our arms or on the exercise ball..  I usually nurse you to sleep at night.  I love nursing my sweet girl.  It is such a precious time for me and I will miss it when you stop.
-You are such a joy to us each day and we love seeing you grow, my Liesel.

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