Sunday, August 22, 2010

{8 & 9} months (a little late, as usual)

8 Months
9 months

I know, I didn't even post anything when Liesel turned 8 months and now I am over a week late for the 9 month post.  At least I was thinking about it.

Liesel since you were 7 months old you have changed quite a bit, my girl.
-As of two days ago you now have 5 teeth.  Two on top and three on bottom. 
-At your 9 month doctor appointment you weighed 22lbs 6oz and you are 29 1/4" long.
-You just just went through a little growth spurt where I can tell your thinking about things changed.  You are really beginning to make noticeable observations that I see you filing away in your brain for later.  It is amazing to watch you learn and know that you just know how to do it.  I have nothing to do with it.  You are amazing!
-You are crawling a lot and pulling up.  In the past couple of weeks you have been letting go and standing by yourself.  You are pretty proud of this and let your daddy and I know with screams and shrieks of delight.
-Speaking of shrieking, it seems you get louder every day.  You have definitely found your voice and demonstrate your abilities often.  Your Wednesday night Bible class teacher says you are all girl.  I will have to agree.
-You love Bible class at church and going to the nursery.  You like to follow around the bigger kids (Grant Cliburn) and try to do whatever they do.  
-You say "da da" and I think you are starting to grasp who you are talking about when you say it.  You can say "ma ma ma ma ma" but will not say it when we ask only when you are mad.
-You love your daddy and get so excited when he comes home from work.  You can't wait for him to pick you up and rescue you from all day with mommy play with you.
-You love to greet people that you see especially children.  I think you are inviting them to play with you.  You started doing this after we went to Tennessee in July and you spent so much time with your cousin Zaine.  You love to play with Zaine.
-Just in the past few weeks will you actually sit in my lap and let me read you a story.  I love that!
-You are sleeping pretty well, sometimes waking once during the night.  I usually nurse you back to sleep.  I secretly love this time with you (as long as you only do it once a night).  It is so peaceful and you aren't fighting me.  You just lay sleepily in my arms and I drink you in, my beautiful girl.  Sigh.
-I think you might walk soon and I'm not ready for it.

I love you!
Your Mommy


Alyssa said...

What a beautifully well-written note to your girlie! She is adorable! I'm glad that she and Jackson are still in Bible class together.

Ryan and Katie said...

I agree with the statement about loving nursing in the middle of the long as it's only once a night :)

MeganLauren said...

I can't believe how big she is getting, it doesn't seem possible! Love her!